Maintaining that positive cash flow is a challenge that most, if not all, small and mid-size companies deal with every day.  Slow-paying customers, no-paying customers … these are issues you need to address.  As a small-to-mid-size business owner, I understand that chasing invoices and following up on slow / no-pays isn’t how you want to spend your time.  You’re in business to build your business.  That’s where Cash Flow Results comes in. 

Together we will examine and discuss how much late / no-pays are impacting your cash flow.  Then we’ll build a strategy designed to improve receivables, increase cash flow and deliver positive results to your bottom lineCash Flow Results will act as your company representative, employing the tactic of “professional persistence” as we negotiate payment of past-due invoices – taking the burden of chasing receivables off of your shoulders.

With more than 20 years of sales and collections experience, Cash Flow Results has seen it, negotiated it, heard the excuses and overcome the objections. I will deliver unparalleled professionalism throughout every interaction with your customers, working with them to reach payment agreements that build your bottom line. Will also pay close attention to the fiscal health of your customers and let you know of any red flags or potential growth opportunities with additional products, projects or services.